What Are The Benefits Of Eating Tiger Nuts?

Health benefits of tiger nuts.
Tiger nuts are healthy.

The benefits of eating tiger nuts include improving digestion, reducing blood sugar levels, improving heart health, boosting your immunity, and acting as an aphrodisiac.

What are tiger nuts?

Tiger nuts are a legume.  They come from Arabia and Africa. It’s often eaten as a morning cereal or mixed with other cereals (kind of like cold cereal).

The tiger nut is native to the African savannahs and Arabian desert oases. The hindgut of camels processes the nuts to produce nutritious, fresh milk during the dry seasons while on long trips without drinking water. 

Tiger nuts are gathered in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia before being exported to Asia where they form an integral part of Indian cooking and diet. It was also imported by South Africans as food during times when rice crops were damaged by floods or drought so that even today it remains a popular breakfast meal with locals.

Tiger nuts are mealy tubers with a nutty taste, similar to chestnuts, but with a sweeter flavor. Indigenous people of central Africa—especially in Uganda and Rwanda—bake or grill tiger nuts in large quantities as an alternative staple food that is now becoming popular across the continent. Tiger nuts contain high levels of starch and B-complex vitamins, such as thiamine and niacin. 

Its use has been reported to reduce the symptoms of vitiligo, due to its ability to regulate blood sugar levels; however, scientific evidence does not support this claim. 

Tiger nuts contain vitamins C and D, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron. The kernel is the edible part of the tuber – once dried, they can be boiled whole or ground into flour that may then be used to make other foods such as bread and noodles (a process somewhat like rice.)

Tiger nuts are not actually nuts; they’re tubers. The composition of tiger nuts is very high in biochemicals like, hydrogenated fat acids, protein, beta-carotene, and phytosterols (plant sterols), which help the cells in your body develop healthily. These chemical attributes make them a great food supplement for people who have problems with obesity or weight gain and those who just want to get into the best shape possible. 

Hydrogenated fat acids are essential for energy production, protection from oxidative stress (a leading contributor to aging), and stabilization of cell membranes; proteins give us energy by providing building blocks for more functional proteins within our cells as well as helping produce hormones that communicate throughout your body.

Tiger nuts have a high level of living enzymes and a low glycemic index, which means that they break down into sugars relatively slowly to avoid the dangerous spikes in blood sugar typically caused by many foods. They also contain phosphorus and potassium, which are necessary for good cell function.

What are the advantages of eating tiger nuts?

Tiger Nuts are rich in protein, phosphorus, minerals, and fiber. They can help lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Tiger nuts are a good source of B vitamins, but the amount present in one serving is too small to make a significant difference.

The most important benefits of tiger nut consumption are due to its contents or nutrient composition including a variety of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron along with fiber. Tiger nuts do not contain gluten so it can be eaten by people who need to avoid gluten-containing products like wheat, rye, and oats.

Tiger nuts are made up of 85% water which helps in regulating your bodily fluids. They also have a high fiber content with up to 5mg per Tiger Nut helping you stay fuller for longer and fortifying immunity. There is also evidence that they promote weight loss by decreasing insulin resistance in mice so they may be a great choice for those who struggle with their weight. 

The skin contains many important nutrients like Vitamin D, Calcium, Potassium, and others which promote muscle weakness efficiency. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that tiger nuts contain Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) providing Omega 3 Fatty acids necessary for the maintenance of healthy hair and nails.

Tiger nuts may improve digestion:

Tiger nuts are rich in fiber, enzymes, and minerals like potassium and magnesium which all support digestion. 

The tiger nut has been used for centuries as the key ingredient in “jook” or gluey soup–a breakfast-time staple that’s believed to promote intestinal health. 

The common assumption was that it contains natural digestive enzymes because tiger nuts contain protease inhibitors that retard the activity of endogenous digestive enzymes (such as trypsin). Surprisingly, it turns out this isn’t true at all! Peanuts actually contain more protease inhibitors than tiger nuts do!

Tiger nuts help to regulate and stimulate the digestive system. In ancient times, they were used by some cultures in Asia to soothe constipation. The humble tiger nut is a useful ally for anyone suffering from poor digestion as it not only stimulates the gut muscles but also cleanses them of toxins.

Tiger nuts are a fantastic dietary supplement for anyone with an impaired digestive system. They act as a gentle physical massager and have the ability to help the intestines release their contents more effectively, improving digestion by three times! And they don’t end there — these incredible little nuggets also help to produce new cells that line your gut tract, which helps heal any kind of damaged tissue that can occur from long-term use or excessive use in some people. All in all? Tiger nuts are not just great for helping you poop – they’re good for your whole body! 

Tiger nuts may reduce blood sugar levels?

Tiger nuts contain a type of starch called resistant starch, meaning that it is not absorbed or broken down by the body for energy use. For this reason, no carbohydrates are present in tiger nuts to affect blood sugar levels!

Tiger nuts are actually what is known as a pseudo-grain, not a nut. In general, pseudo-grains are high in starch and low in protein. They do have lower glycemic indices than most grains or legumes, so they might help to modulate blood sugar levels if you eat them with some form of added fat and carbohydrate (e.g., peanut butter on bread). However, whether this reduction is significant enough to be helpful for those on a ketogenic diet or who have diabetes remains unclear.

Tiger nuts may improve heart health:

The latest science says that tiger nuts can actually reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A new study in the Journal of Nutrition Research concludes that taking just one tablespoon each day can lower cholesterol levels by up to 8%.

The benefits are attributable to an amino acid found in them called (L-arginine) which can help regulate how certain substances, including protein and blood sugar, are distributed and used up within cells throughout your body. L-arginine is known for its ability to widen blood vessels and has been added recently to many over-the-counter treatments for erectile dysfunction; it may also increase nitric oxide production, a chemical that helps relax muscles including those that control blood flow.”

Tiger nuts can improve heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol while maintaining or even increasing HDL.

The parenchyma cells in the almond-sized powerhouse of the plant are responsible for lowering bad cholesterol levels (LDL) and maintaining healthy levels of good, robust lipoproteins. The Asian tiger nut is a valuable functional food that has been used traditionally for centuries to promote wholesome heart health.

Along with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, yes.

Niacin, an essential B vitamin (a member of the Vitamin B family), is key for maintaining a healthy heart. Eating tiger nuts as a supplemental source of niacin can be helpful for people who do not get enough from their diet, but it should not be the only change made to that person’s diet or exercise plan in order to achieve optimal health.

The most important factor relating to cardiovascular health is weight management. This includes maintaining appropriate body weight through eating right and exercising properly if necessary; it is also related to avoiding tobacco products (such as cigarettes). Those looking into using tiger nuts for other reasons might wish to speak with their doctor first.

Tiger nuts may boost your immune system:

Tiger nuts are high in protein and vitamin B6 and have been shown to increase the level of IgA.

Tiger Nuts contain a large amount of protein that helps create flesh on your bones, which is deficient if you are underweight or malnourished. Protein is also needed to build up the immune system so it can fight off bacteria and infections before they take over your body. Tiger Nuts helped boost levels of IgA, which helps ensure good health by fighting against bad bacteria in the digestive tract.

Tiger nuts are known to contain vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and J which help improve a person’s immune system. Tiger nuts also contain protein and phosphorus which are both necessary for tissue renewal. As tigers grow older they will eat these nuts to replace their worn-out teeth with brand new ones!

Tiger nuts can be a great immune booster and are said to have anti-inflammatory properties. The healthiest way to eat them is raw, in one sitting, as they can cause some intestinal discomfort if consumed in large quantities or not churned thoroughly enough. They’re also often combined with other foods for flavor so those should be healthy too (don’t combine them with junk food for example).

Tiger Nuts are best in small amounts and when eaten along with others of the following healthy ingredients: Ginger, lime juice, honey (for allergies), cinnamon, or cayenne pepper (in case of physical weakness).

Tiger nuts are an aphrodisiac:

True Pheromones

Nutritional and sexual health are indeed connected. More importantly, we need to balance our plant-based diet with adequate vitamin D supplementation to maximize the benefits of that lifestyle.

The mineral magnesium is necessary for both sperm motility and ovulation (release of an egg). Magnesium deficiencies result in infertility because it impairs skeletal muscle development required for female orgasm during intercourse. Women deficient in magnesium are hyper-responsive to external stimuli, often leading to chronic masturbation which can create a vicious cycle if not corrected. Tiger Nuts do contain more magnesium than most other nuts so it can help; however, in order to fully negate the effects from a dietary imbalance or deficiency one also needs more than just good food – they need supplements too! 

Tiger nuts are healthy for the male reproductive system, and also help maintain normal sperm count. Tiger nuts contain a substance called hydroxycotinine that is used in preparations intended to treat sexual dysfunction in males. They can be used to increase libido, arousal, and sexual pleasure as well as reduce impotence, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Hydroxycotinine makes the penis feel fuller during erection by widening blood vessels in the penis and preventing them from narrowing too rapidly, which causes congestion problems leading to weaker erections. So when you have an erection on tiger nuts juice it becomes harder for your erection not to fade away sooner than usual. 

Tiger nuts are a food that has two uses, with sexual health being one of the more popular ones. In addition to having amino acids and high levels of potassium, using tiger nuts as the main protein can help boost sex drive in both men and women. The fact is that it’s hard to make any guarantees because of different factors affecting each person’s ability to have an orgasm or maintain libido. 

Women may find that tiger nut milk (just think about soaking the shelled beans overnight in water) has an effect on their menstrual cycle – for some women, this can be significant enough to be considered a medical benefit! And even if it makes no difference at all, you’re still drinking something nutritious.

Side effects of eating tiger nuts:

Side effects include dehydration, skin rashes, and of course, constipation.

The tiger nut tree is a palm tree native to some parts of Africa and southern Asia. The nut pods from this plant are edible without the need for cooking or preparation. Each pod holds up to three nuts inside that can be picked out one by one like grapes, as long as they’re raw and fresh they taste great! But beware, the dangers in eating too many tiger nuts are very real – most notably those related to diarrhea. 

The side effects of eating too many tiger nuts are the same as is seen with eating any food in excess. The weight gain that occurs results from a surplus of calories. Fatigue usually settles in over weeks and months, not days and hours. Keep in mind that nut butter made from Tiger Nuts has higher levels of good fats which can be helpful for those struggling to consume enough omega 3s to regulate mood and control hormone production for women who want relief from PMS symptoms or menopausal hot flashes/night sweats.


Although tiger nuts may not be for everyone, they are fully packed with many health benefits and they are safe to eat as long as people eat them in moderation.


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