Eating Food Is The Riskiest And Most Dangerous Exercise On Earth:

Food contamination

In life, the higher the risk and danger, the higher the quality, value, and quantity of rewards. For you to survive, you need food. Most people consume food by eating it. There are some situations where you may drink it in soft drinks, smoothies, or milk, for example, babies drink milk and get all necessary nutrients from it.

Sometimes, you may be so ill that you need parenteral nutrition, or intravenous feeding (putting nutrition into you through your veins).

Here, we are not talking about intravenous feeding or drinking. It’s eating food that is so risky and dangerous even if you are healthy and mentally fit. The infographic below shows you how and why eating food is the riskiest and most dangerous exercise on earth. However, it’s the only exercise obese people fancy doing many times every day.

Eating food is risky.


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